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As part of the Lesaffre Group, Lesaffre Australia Pacific makes every effort to ensure continued progress in terms of quality thanks to the Group experience dating back many years and its global experience.

The Lesaffre Group is one of the leading players in the agri-food industry to have developed structures dedicated to the quality of its products and services. Lesaffre was the first yeast producer to have its quality assurance processes certified by independent third party bodies.

The Group has partnered with specialised public bodies (such as universities), private entities (research centres) and institutional field (engineering communities, baking industry associations etc).

Lesaffre strives to ensure that quality is taken into account from order placement to delivery

The quality process

The Quality Process


  1. Customer expectations

    Meeting our customers’ expectations means defining a product which guarantees:

    • Food safety
    • A level of product performance suited to the process and applications
    • A service component (such as technical assistance)
  2. Selection of raw materials

    “Buying well” for Lesaffre means:

    • consistent availability of raw materials
    • suitability (stringent selection of suppliers)
    • an optimal price/quality ratio
  3. Manufacturing conditions

    Choice and location of the equipment are part of the quality process. Standard processes within all of our plants allow for global standardisation and updates of methods. Our QA programs are based on risks prevention (HACCP).
  4. Trials and validation

    Numerous tests such as physical, chemical and bacteriological are conducted before product launch.
  5. Availability

    Transport conditions, storage and traceability, are thoroughly looked at to define product shelf life, storage conditions etc...to ensure product integrity is maintained.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers’ expectations and product usage habits are constantly changing. Therefore the QA department strives to evaluate each step of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to the finished product. A series of tests and a monitoring system are put in place to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lesaffre Australia Pacific holds HACCP and ISO accreditations. To download our certificates, please click on the links on the left hand side.


Lesaffre is seen as a reference in the yeast and bread-making fields. Its knowledge of yeast and its expertise in the fermentation have encouraged the Lesaffre group to establish a presence in the emerging human and animal nutrition markets.