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Lesaffre Australia Pacific is dedicated to providing superior gluten and allergy free flour and premixes. That is why we've chosen the leading Australian gluten and allergy friendly food provider to partner with Ė Well and Good.

Our dedication to gluten free assures those suffering from coeliac disease a safe food product that is great tasting. This is essential considering it only takes the smallest detection of a food allergen to trigger a severe anaphylactic reaction in at-risk individuals. And this is growing! It's estimated that 15% of Australians have a gluten intolerance, and more and more consumers are demanding gluten and allergy free food choices. With the increasing demand, the Australian gluten free market will be worth $98.6 million by 2015; and the global gluten free market will grow 38% by 2015.

Well and Goodís gluten free range is manufactured in a unique, world class plant strictly dedicated to allergy free food production devoid of gluten, milk, peanuts, sesame seeds, tree nuts, crustaceans and fish. Every batch is produced according to stringent protocols and manufacturing procedures.

The range includes flour and premixes for a variety of products such as bread, pizza, cakes, muffins, cookies and pastry, all with great texture, flavour and freeze/thaw stability.

These versatile and easy to use premixes allow you to develop creative, tasty, premium products that will give you higher profit margins. Itís the amazing taste and performance that will have your customers coming back for more.

All these mixes are Halal and Kosher certified.

Lesaffre is seen as a reference in the yeast and bread-making fields. Its knowledge of yeast and its expertise in the fermentation have encouraged the Lesaffre group to establish a presence in the emerging human and animal nutrition markets.