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As the world leader in yeast production, Lesaffre has based its expansion on the development of high quality products offering that something extra when it comes to performance and consistency.

Lesaffre Australia Pacific is fully committed to bakers, providing them with innovative solutions in order to facilitate their work. As a result, our bakers are able to offer their customers delicious bread products characterized by their unique aromas and textures.

Lesaffre Australia Pacific offers a wide range of locally manufactured bread and cake premixes adapted to new consumption patterns.

Our premixes are specially designed to provide products of superior volume, texture, flavour …every time.

Thanks to our local technical support and expertise, Lesaffre Australia Pacific  can develop mixes tailored to a customer’s specific requirements

What is a premix?

A premix is a combination of an improver containing flavour-enhancing agents and one or several types of special flour. It makes it possible to produce a given category of bakery or cake product. The dosage used varies depending on the mix.

Benefits of a premix

  • Easy to use

  • Time gain

  • Consistency of results

  • Volume and texture

  • Flavour

  • Reduced storage and wastage of raw materials 

  • Versatile

Lesaffre is seen as a reference in the yeast and bread-making fields. Its knowledge of yeast and its expertise in the fermentation have encouraged the Lesaffre group to establish a presence in the emerging human and animal nutrition markets.