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The World of Yeast Products

Our teams have developed the industry’s most advanced capabilities and technologies, especially for preserving and building up the organoleptic qualities of the yeast to obtain the finished product that meets all the needs of food manufacturers:

§  Yeast extracts

§  Specific savoury flavour bases

§  Autolyzed dried yeasts

§  Inactive dry yeasts


Our base-notes line, with neutral or subtle savoury profiles, is perfect for providing bouillon and meaty notes to flavour bases.
Naturally rich in amino acids, these yeast extracts work well alone or in synergy with our Springer ® 2000 (naturally rich in nucleotides) and Springer ® 4000 ranges (Kokumi). They are excellent bases for soups, bouillons, sauces, ready meals and snacks.

Springer® 2000 yeast extracts provide an Umami or savoury taste, thanks to the naturally occurring nucleotides they contain. Umami is a Japanese term best translated as having a rounded mouthfeel or imparting a full-bodied perception of taste. These yeast extracts create bouillon and buttery notes and are ideal for masking off-notes, such as bitterness and acidic flavours.

Springer® 4000 yeast extracts provide Kokumi taste, or mouthfullness, thanks to the naturally occurring sulfur amino acids and peptides they contain. They provide intense poultry stock flavour and enhance meat and cheese flavours. These glutathione-rich extracts work well on their own or in synergy with one of our Springer® yeast extracts.

Springarom® is a line of unique flavour bases derived from yeast extracts. They provide more specific flavour notes, such as chicken, beef juice, beef extract, meat gravy, roasted meat, grilled meat, smoked meat and cheese…, in a wide range of applications, including animal-free formulations suitable for vegetarian foods. In this range, Bio Springer has yeast extract products or process flavours.

Springaline® inactive dry yeast products still contain the yeast cell wall and have been inactivated by heat. These offer delicate toasted, cereal and nutty notes and are efficient carrier for seasonings.
They have water-binding properties and good oil emulsifying characteristics, making them ideal for both meat and vegetarian foods.
Inactive dried yeasts manufactered by Bio Springer are also nutritional ingredients used in dietary supplements as a source of proteins, amino acids, vitamins (B group), minerals and fibres (cell walls). Lesaffre Human Care Business Unit offers yeast derived ingredients for nutritional supplements and functional foods.

Springalys™ autolyzed dried yeasts . These very unique autolyzed dried yeasts still contain their yeast cell wall, making them efficient carriers for dry seasoning blends for snacks, breadings, and coatings.
They have water-binding properties and good oil emulsifying characteristics, making them ideal for both meat and vegetarian foods.
These autolyzed yeasts are ingredients of choice for snack seasonings and offer delicate flavour of roasted, cereal and nutty notes.
Additionally Springalys™ offer more Umami flavour than Springaline® yeast.

Pronal ™ Yeast Extracts, with brewer’s and subtle savoury profiles, is ideal for providing bouillon, meaty, and mushroom notes to many food recipes. Naturally rich in amino acids, these brewer’s yeast extracts are excellent bases for meat, as well as dairy-based sauces.

Lesaffre is seen as a reference in the yeast and bread-making fields. Its knowledge of yeast and its expertise in the fermentation have encouraged the Lesaffre group to establish a presence in the emerging human and animal nutrition markets.