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April 2019

The preparation of a primary levain depends upon the spontaneous fermentation at work in a mixture of flour and water that is regularly refreshed to maintain the bacteria and yeast metabolism. This semi-continuous contribution of new nutrients (water, sugars, etc.) helps to gradually establish the sourdough’s microbial ecosystem, closely linked, therefore, to the sourdough’s implementation. The primary or chef levain is used to make an all-round sourdough, which is used to culture bread dough.The “all-round” sourdough will then be used as a fermenting agent in bread dough.

September 2018

Softness in breadmaking is a complex notion, for which there is no single definition or measurement criterion. Several components of texture help to indirectly define softness: suppleness, tenderness, doughiness, elasticity, and more.The ingredients and type of breadmaking process used play a key role in developing optimum softness, however, softness may be improved by adding functional ingredients or sourdoughs, which also help to delay staling.

June 2018

Sensory analysis is an essential tool for industrial, in-store and craft bakeries. But it’s not always easy to match the descriptions of consumers for the breads, croissants and baguettes they love with the technical, exacting terms bakery experts need to refine recipes and techniques.